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admin : March 21st, 2012

Feeling like there’s never enough hours in the day anymore? You’re spot on as this week marks the March equinox…and as night-times take a longer nap the vegetables do anything BUT veg out. Most produce works the nightshift…hence why many plants are best when watered at dusk.

 If you want proof – why not grow it yourself?

As the swell for sustainable, fresh and organic supplies increase in intensity, some bright sparks have come up with a novel way of harnessing the fervour.

‘Grow It Local’ is a community of seasoned growers and brand new gardeners whose purpose is to share gardening and cooking tips.

The first step is to start your garden – however great or small.

Depending on your aspirations, this can be achieved with a simple trip to a nursery or even your local greengrocer. Some start with a windowsill of potted herbs made with the household masterchefs pick and mix manners in mind. Those blessed with a balcony can move into strawberries, tomatoes, lettuce…or whatever the sunlight conditions will allow. When you have your own backyard…you have moved into the big time! Whether the soil exists already or bought and brought in – you may make your very own bed of edible plants…perhaps even a chook or two for some protein! With a little cohesive coordination you can even come together with like-minded connoisseurs for a community plot in your precinct.

Strolling to step number two is being able to brag on the Grow It Local website!

If you haven’t already, simply register you patch at and include a creative name as well as a couple of pictures of what you’re growing (by doing this you are also in the running to receive an invitation to the Local Growers Supper hosted by local restaurant ‘Three Blue Ducks’).

When you can cultivate your crops you are well and truly sprinting down the garden path of Grow It Local success! 

Over the coming weeks, invitations will be handed out online to the green fingers that can contribute to cuisine cooked by chefs who care. Those invited will be asked to bring along produce to Bondi Farmer’s Market on Saturday March 31 and swap it for a golden ticket to the Local Growers Supper. Three Blue Ducks will design dishes based on the local growers produce for all of those that donated to share.

With only 30 double-pass tickets available – don’t let the grass grow under your feet…get going with your own patch of paradise!

Supported by Waverley Council, Grow it Local is all about celebrating backyard, community, balcony and windowsill gardeners.

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