Stallholder Information

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How to apply for a stall?

Go to  and Apply Online.

Scroll to the bottom of this document for our Eligibility Criteria.


The Market is located across the road from Bondi Beach at Bondi Beach Public School, Campbell Parade.

If you are booked to attend the Market, arrive at the Main Gate of Bondi Beach Public School at the Northern end of Campbell Parade. The gate is close to the corner of Beach Road and Campbell Parade, Bondi Beach.

Trading Days & Times

Open every Sunday.

Trading from 10 am – 4 pm (5pm during Dec & Jan)

 Set Up Time

Arrive after 8.30 am. There is no need to arrive any earlier.

Gates open for set up from 9 am.

Stall Fees

Stall Fees vary depending on which section of the Market you elect to trade in.

 Unless otherwise specified new stallholders are allocated within Section C and are charged a Stall Fee of $70.00. You may request to upgrade to Section A or B for a higher Stall Fee and this will be allocated subject to availability.

 Section C – Courtyard            $70.00

Section B – Back Area           $95.00

Section A – Front Area           $120.00

Not for Profit Organisations: No charge

Table Hire:  Table Hire is for Casuals ONLY

$10.00 incl. GST - The table size is 2.4m long x 0.76m wide x 0.74m high.

We have a very limited amount of tables for hire, be sure to let us know when you make your booking if you require one.

No other items are available for hire and must be supplied by stallholder (including Tents)

Stall Sizes

Stall sizes vary and we attempt to best accommodate Casual Stallholders’ requirements subject to availability.

Stall sizes range from a table space to a 3 X 3 metre stall; sometimes we can even accommodate a 6 X 3 metre stall. All stall spaces are charged out at the same Stall Fee (as above)

You may bring your own table

Most stalls trade from the front of the stall space. You have another stallholder on either side.

 Public Liability Insurance

If you DO HAVE public liability insurance:

Please bring a copy of your public liability insurance certificate and show it to the staff when you are being allocated a stall. As a Casual Stallholder, you need to bring the certificate with you each week.  Remember: No Paperwork, no Discount!

 If you DO NOT have your own cover: $10.00 extra on Stall Fee

You will be covered by the Market Insurance Policy and will be required to pay an additional $10.00 per week on the Stall Fee. The Market Public Liability Insurance Policy provides $20,000,000.00 cover with a $5,000.00 excess.

PLEASE NOTE: Stallholders selling the following products must have in place their own public and product liability policy with a minimum of $10 million cover:

  • Second hand electrical goods and toys
  • Cosmetics and beauty products
  • Medicines, Potions, Oils, Fragrances and Soaps
  • Massage, manipulation of muscle, chiropractic or similar
  • Hot Food


Stallholders MUST have their own insurance if they sell certain products (see below)

Please note that it is a strict requirement that a Stallholder must have in place a public and product liability policy with a minimum of $10 million cover in the Stallholder’s name if the Stallholder offers for sale any of the products listed below.

  •  Second hand electrical goods and toys
  • Cosmetics and beauty products
  • Medicines, Potions, Oils, Fragrances and Soaps
  • Massage, manipulation of muscle, chiropractic or similar
  • Hot Food

A copy of the Insurance Certificate of Currency must be supplied to the Manager before a Stallholder may trade at the Market. It is the responsibility of the Stallholder to ensure that the insurance is renewed and remains current for the term that the Stallholder undertakes Trading Activity at the Market.

Regular Stalls

Bondi Markets does not have 'permanent' spaces. . From time to time we undertake a review of the Market’s product mix & spaces that become available and issue these spaces to a limited number of Casual Stallholders who are designated as Regular Casuals.

Regular Stallholders Rebooking Refunds & Credits

Stall fees may be credited to another week only if bookings are cancelled by Tuesday 5.00pm prior to Market Day. Stall Fees are not refundable.

Access to Power

Power is not available at the Sunday Market

Rubbish & Waste

All rubbish, waste and packaging must be taken away with the stallholder. Bins provided do NOT cater for stallholder rubbish. The stall site must be left in the condition it was found.


Refund Policy – Casuals

In the case of inclement weather and you elect NOT to trade There is NO charge but make sure you re-book if you would like to trade the following week. Bookings are NOT automatically transferred

 Refund Policy – Regulars

Stall Fees are payable in wet weather regardless of whether the Regular elects to trade or not. This is part of the terms upon which a Regular Stallholder books a pre-designated stall location. The stall location is reserved and held for the Stallholder until 10.00am. Stallholders should not book a stall as a Regular Stallholder unless they are prepared to take the risk on the weather. You may avoid the risk of forfeiting your stall fee should you elect not to trade in wet weather by booking as a Casual Stallholder.

What happens if the weather deteriorates during the day?

Pease note that NO refunds are issued to any Stallholder who trades and the weather deteriorates during the day.

Eligibility Criteria

The Markets focuses on products designed by the stallholder and vintage stalls.

We also take other products on a case by case basis and offer a product mix that appeals to Bondi locals.

The Market does NOT have swimwear stalls.

The Market does NOT have food stalls (Food and drink is available onsite and run by the by a number of fundraising not-for-profit organisations

Counterfeit products will not be tolerated and monitoring takes place throughout the day.

All stallholders who wish to trade are required to apply to be a stallholder via our website.

We actively encourage one-off garage sales and vintage stalls. It brings a great community vibe to the Market and shoppers love to scour these stalls for bargains.