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Pancake Adventures every Sunday at the Markets

Willem’s story …. I arrived in Australia where my pancake adventures continue. With the current tragic situation in Nepal, and in special places in India…I found it appropriate to organize a fundraiser by selling pancakes and donate the money to rebuilding the future of Nepalese kids, and Indian Communities.
I have travelled the world with my Pan, and know how to make Pancakes, it is in my blood, being of Dutch heritage. Come down and say Hi on Sunday, I will be around the back of the Markets.
Enjoy my pancakes and have a chat!!

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Charlie Middleton (Bespoke tote bag) at Bondi Markets

Forever Leather

There is a difference between simply buying something and truly ‘owning’ it.

Bags are often part of a family within your wardrobe-however there is always one standout stunner chosen regularly due to its familiarity and ease at which it effortlessly glides onto your shoulder. Trading most Sundays at Bondi Markets, Charlie Middleton genuine leather accessories understand the tradition of good design and quality. Ben is the man with his mind on the hide. His brief? Leather goods that are simple yet strong and fashionable with a sense of function. The result is perfect pieces to take pride of place on the arm of any discerning diva.

Perhaps you desire a customised carryall of your own? It’s in the bag! We have a conversation with this creator and his mission of crafting chic arm candy.

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Sneaking Duck at Bondi Markets


With three quarters of the population requiring vision correction, it is no surprise that framing the face has become a fashionable pursuit.

Sneaking Duck feature prescription frames at their Bondi Markets stall. A trip to the optometrist is an invitation to write your own style guide for personalised perfection, so transform into a twenty-twenty visionary!

Men are often the target for designer eyewear with famous fellas at the forefront. Alongside girls glasses, Sneaking Duck also boast a range for guys who like to keep their eyes on the prize. Upgrade dads tired old lenses for the upcoming father’s day and get a gift to enhance his look with a manly makeover.

We take a trip through the looking glass to find out more about the brand and their range.

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